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About the Company

MK FINANCE LLC was incorporated in 2003. The Company specializes in providing project management and corporate financing services. Over its years in business the Company has built a team of highly skilled professionals with unique expertise in large projects’ implementation and management. Major projects implemented with the involvement of the MK FINANCE employees include the following:

    - acquisition and development management of the Start Telecom broadband access operator;
    - management of RESOTRUST Leasing Company;
    - incorporation and management of TM-Leasing Company;
    - acquisition and restructuring of RESO Savings Fund non-public pension fund;
    - financial consulting for ZAO KOMET stock sales;
    - financial consulting for ZAO Zebra Telecom stock sales;
    - financial consulting for sales of ООО Agentstvo Delovoy Svyazi’s equity (Business Telecommunication Agency);
    - financial consulting during pre-sales preparation of the МЕRА Company.
Previously our team has done the following:
    - established the RTC-Leasing Company and taken it to the leadership position on the Russian market, having raised around USD 1 billion to finance the RTC-Leasing’s projects;
    - established and effectively participated in the development of RTKomm.RU, a major web access provider;
    - arranged for purchase and restructuring of the RTDC holding company;
    - participated in corporate debt restructuring between suppliers and international financial institutions after the 1998 crisis.
Our company stands out by its vast experience, high professional reputation and a team that is capable of performing multiple tasks.